Happy Birthday – Her Niche!

Adriana from ERA Communications and Nichole from Bagonia have joined forces to give birth to Her Niche today.  Her Niche is a socially responsible and eco conscious company that creates products for women by women.  Our product line combines style and function and creates innovative solutions to meet the daily needs of today’s woman on-the-go (but guys don’t worry we don’t discriminate we’re coming out with great products for you too). 

It’s a fabulous company…Now to name our new child…

The name “HerNiche” comes from a combination of sharing letters from Adriana’s last name “Herrera” and Nichole’s first name.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Adriana and Nichole,

    I had a few questions…
    I was wondering what kind of products you are selling-I saw bags.
    Are you looking for more products? Maybe a handmade jewelry line?
    I live in Colorado, raise my 2-yr old, and make jewlery. I am an old friend of KC Dickerson, which is how I found your blog. (Of course through FB!)

    Unfortunately, I do not have a website, but have posted a few items on my FB page under my biz name “Retro Glam”. I am looking to expand in ’09 and wondered if this might be an opportunity.

    Best of luck in your new venture! I look forward to hearing from you.

    Rena Magoon

    ps-KC has one of my pieces, if you would like a real sample.

  2. Hello Rena,

    Thanks for checking out our blog! Your stuff sounds awesome. We’re not quite in that place yet, but we will be coming out with products that might go in line with what you are doing so we could talk about some future cross-promotions for sure. Let’s stay in touch.

    Nichole and Adriana

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