About Her Niche


Her Niche combines innovative function and cutting edge style to create eco-friendly products that provide organization, beauty, and creative solutions for women.



Her Niche has a strong vision of making a significant impact in women’s lives. We see our products in homes all over the world giving women environmentally friendly and functional alternatives to products they are buying.  Best of all- we see our products helping women stay organized and focused, while enhancing their style and helping them feel great.


Founded in 2009, Her Niche is a socially responsible and eco-friendly product development company based in San Diego, CA.  Her Niche’s leadership works to promote the importance of protecting the environment through the use of cruelty free, organic and sustainable materials, partnerships with socially responsible companies and the dissemination of educational information.  All Her Niche products marry together the elements of function, fashion and eco-friendliness.  



Her Niche represents letters from the co-founders names, while doubling as a symbol of a unique segment in the female product market. Her Niche embodies femininity combined with strength, innovation, and individuality. We view ourselves as a forward-thinking company that has unique and practical solutions to product needs and what has been a missing niche in the market.



Bagonia is an innovative handbag line, made and designed in America.  All handbags are 100% cruelty free and made of many components that are derived from organic plants.  Every Bagonia bag has a secret compartment that contains two or three reusable shopping bags – helping women put an end to the plastic and paper by plague.  Bagonia handbags are accessories to live a stylish, organized and eco-friendly life.

Click bagonia_press_kit to download Bagonia’s press kit.





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