The Her Niche Girls…

Co-Founder of Her Niche    

Nichole and Adriana, Co-Founders of Her Niche

Adriana and Nichole met six years ago while volunteering with homeless kids.  After losing touch when Adriana moved to Hawaii they unknowingly set off on parallel paths in their careers.   While most young professionals have been working for stable companies during this period of economic uncertainty they were coloring outside the lines working to develop environmentally and socially responsible products for women.  When they reconnected and learned what one another was doing…ta da a light bulb went off and shortly after they joined forces to establish Her Niche.  And, well, the rest remains to be discovered….

About Adriana and Nichole

Adriana loves hotdogs and takes them very seriously – no joke.  She means business.  She boxes, loves Muay Thai and isn’t afraid to use an arm bar.  She’s probably the only ballerina to ever have had a boxing radio show.  She’s been to the ER more than most (oddly not for the boxing) and learned you don’t need nine years of medical school to get your own parking space (yet she refuses to believe she’s accident prone).   She also works as a hair model…mostly for the entertainment of watching models growl at themselves in the mirror rather than the fun of having her hair pulled for five hours at a time.  

Nichole is a high school homecoming queen turned single mom (but don’t worry not until like 10 years later).  She is karaoke diva extraordinaire and a serious pen clepto – so watch out. She’s had enough encounters with wild animals to host her own show on Animal Planet and can make a campfire from scratch – paging Mark Burnett.   This is going to sound really weird but…she is insanely accurate at identifying mysterious smells.  Perhaps it’s because she grew up in a one-bedroom house with four brothers.

So clearly you can see how these characteristics have led them to their current careers.  That and a few other details you might find interesting…

Nichole brings ten years of graphic design and product development experience to the company. Prior to co-founding Her Niche she served as a graphic artist and member of the product development team for Penton Overseas, Inc. where she provided vision and leadership to the development of children’s books, foreign language products and learning aids.  Prior to this she played a key role in launching new kitchen electronic products. Many of the products she managed can still be found on the shelves of Costco, Target and Wal Mart.  She serves on the advisory board of San Diego based fashion organization FOCUS (Fashion Opportunities Connect Us) and frequently speaks in classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) to provide guidance to aspiring designers and entrepreneurs.

Adriana brings more than six years of experience in marketing, public relations, resource development, event planning and Internet presence management to the company.  She is the owner of ERA Communications, a boutique integrated communications agency that works to promote products, services and events that positively impact the world.  Prior to establishing ERA Communications, she worked for one of Hawaii’s leading Public Relations firms. There she successfully garnered media coverage and coordinated events for a wide variety of clients in various industries.  She has supported concert logistics for SOMA San Diego, one of Southern California’s leading concert venues, for over five years.  There she continues to successfully assist logistical aspects of concerts for artists/ bands such as Jason Mraz, Nine Inch Nails, Incubus, and Panic at the Disco.




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  1. Nichole, Rebecca here of Rebeccas Coffeehouse, if you left a handbag at my shop I have it for you. I am trying several possibilities to return it to you. Next I am trying Holly at Citizen phone 619 284 3553 or 619 459-3239 my cell.


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